An Inuit legend says that the lights of the North were imprisoned in some rocks on the Canadian coast, until a brave warrior freed most of them with a blow from his spear. The ones left on the rock are the cause of the special iridescence of the Labradorite. Its special glow is hardly to be confused with other gems.

Like many feldspars, labradorite in some cases shows an intense play of iridescent colours such as blue, red, orange, green, yellow that move when under an incident light source, this effect is known as schiller or “labradorescence” phenomenon.

The name comes from the Labrador peninsula, where it was first identified in 1770 and from where the best specimens continue to arrive. From Finland come pieces called “spectrolites” because they reflect the very beautiful spectrum of colours.


Labradorite is associated with the Moon and Uranus. In horoscopes, labradorite is associated with the signs Leo, Sagittarius and Scorpio. Because of its bright play of colours, labradorite symbolises creativity and fantasy.


Labradorite has the power to animate all energy centres. The most suitable for this purpose is spectrolite, which reflects all the colours of the rainbow. It is able to awaken sleeping talents and bring them to the surface. A wonderful activator of the self-defence centres of the organism. It increases our joviality and is a carrier of light.

Rainbow-type gems help to harmonise all the chakras. It is a highly mystical and protective stone that connects with universal energies, prevents energy loss and deflects unwanted forces from the aura.

It is important for the treatment of negative childhood memories.